Face mask: what clay to choose?
I think many women who decide to use clay as a face mask, the question arises, what clay to choose for this purpose. In stores, eyes run away from offers…

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How to make a natural and inexpensive lip scrub?
Gentle female sponges in the winter need particularly careful care. Lip scrub will come to the rescue with balms and hygienic lipstick. A home scrub, cooked on your own, will…

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What is the use of alginate masks?
The cosmetic market does not cease to expand and grow with new products. Interest in some of them is rapidly fading away, while others, by contrast, continue to gain popularity.…

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How to properly care for normal skin?

There are people who are lucky, nature has awarded them normal skin. It is very surprising that many of them believe that care for such skin is not required. But they also need to know how to keep their skin in the state that nature has provided them, and how to properly care for their skin. Just for different skin types require different care.
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Cosmetic clay. What color to choose?

Cosmetic clay is one of the most remarkable phenomena among modern cosmetics. Despite the huge number of new products, it remains in demand. Unique compositions and a long history of using cosmetic clay provide complete care for all skin types. The only question is … What kind of cosmetic clay to prefer? The color range of clay is directly related to its mineral composition. Continue reading

How to make makeup fast?

If you think that makeup takes too much time, but you don’t want to give it up, you can optimize this process.
There are situations where time is limited and you need to look perfect. It is at such moments, we realize how much time we spend on makeup. Although make face makeup faster, without giving up your favorite beauty products, it is quite possible. Continue reading

How to take care of your skin?
Today it is difficult to find a woman in whose cosmetics bag there are no different lotions and creams, and in the bathroom cabinet there are no facial cleansers, scrubs…


Mascara. Do you know everything about her?
Thick, long, expressive eyelashes - the dream of every woman. What we do not resort to achieve the desired effect! In the arsenal of modern beauty for sure there will…