How is peach oil used in cosmetology?
Cosmetology without the use of essential oils is unthinkable, because the useful natural substances that are contained in them have always been and are the main assistants of beauty and…

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Cosmetic clay. What color to choose?
Cosmetic clay is one of the most remarkable phenomena among modern cosmetics. Despite the huge number of new products, it remains in demand. Unique compositions and a long history of…

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Why do I need to clean the face? Beauty Tips
At the moment, face cleansing in the beauty salon is one of the most popular procedures for clients of all ages and skin types. What is a professional face cleaning…

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How to get rid of enlarged pores on the face?

Pores are important leaving our skin, through these special channels the body brings to the surface sweat and fat. Enlarged pores are both a congenital feature of the skin, and an acquired problem, for example, as a result of malnutrition, stress, smoking, hormonal and some other changes in the body. Continue reading

Pink water. How is it used?

Surely every girl has heard of rose water, but what is this substance, unequivocally declaring its affiliation to the queen of flowers – the rose? How can it be used and how effective is it?
Women began to “exploit” roses for cosmetic purposes in antiquity. After all, the rose is not only a very beautiful flower, never losing its popularity, it can be successfully used to care for the skin of the face and hair. Continue reading

Contouring What is this makeup technique capable of?

In recent years, several make-up application techniques have become widely available. But undoubtedly contouring remains the most popular and popular. What are its features and is this make-up technique capable of changing the face?
Contouring itself is not a novelty for the masters of the beauty industry. It has been successfully used for a long time both on shows and on set. Continue reading

How to make home summer refreshing gel masks?
In the summer, nature generously gives us many gifts. Of course, first of all they should be eaten, saturating the body with useful substances. In addition, fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits…


What is the difference between medical cosmetics from cosmeceutical and conventional?
If you are thinking about how to buy cosmetics, this article will be useful for you. It tells about the features of professional, medical and cosmeceutical cosmetics. clearimages, The…