What is chemical peeling? Stages of the procedure
Peeling procedure .For carrying out chemical peels, several techniques have been developed that have their own characteristics. Peeling composition can be applied to the skin with a brush, gauze wipes,…

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How to determine the type of skin?
Let's try to figure out how to determine your skin type. What is it for? I think that the answer to this question will give each of you, without hesitation…

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How to get rid of bruises under the eyes?
“Have you not slept today?” It seems to be an innocent question, but he will surely upset any woman who seeks to look good. Makeup, hair, clothes - everything can…

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Few people know that one

How to rejuvenate your face in a natural way? 10 facts

Most women, starting at a certain age, think about going to a cosmetologist or even a plastic surgeon. At the same time, the contingent of visitors to beauty salons is getting younger – today, often from a 25-year-old girl, you can hear that she resorted to Botox injections.
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What to do if the skin is flaky?

Wind, extreme temperatures, lack of sunlight, vitamin deficiencies, frost and stress traumatize the epidermal cells. Therefore, at the end of winter and early spring, it is very important to think about how to refresh the face and get rid of the peeling of the skin.
The process of peeling the skin is an indicator that the epidermis is cleared of dead cells. At the first sign of this, many girls and women get fatter cream and begin to rub the contents of the jar into the skin with diligence. Continue reading

How to return youth skin? BONATOX – serum with the effect of Botox

In the modern world there is a huge amount of cosmetics that can fight wrinkles, but their effectiveness is not always justified. Therefore, there are brave women who decide on face plastics or Botox injections, despite the fact that such procedures are very expensive and not always safe. Continue reading

How to make a natural and inexpensive lip scrub?
Gentle female sponges in the winter need particularly careful care. Lip scrub will come to the rescue with balms and hygienic lipstick. A home scrub, cooked on your own, will…


Vacuum facial massage: how to effectively deal with wrinkles?
If the vacuum massage is carried out correctly, then pleasant changes can be seen the very next day. The results are impressive even for those who are not used to…