How to take care of your skin?
We all dream of a beautiful, radiant skin without acne, pallor and wrinkles. We envy women who may not use corrector and a ton of base. They probably got this…

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How to make home summer refreshing gel masks?
In the summer, nature generously gives us many gifts. Of course, first of all they should be eaten, saturating the body with useful substances. In addition, fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits…

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Is it possible to lift at home?
Tightening the skin of the face, or lifting - one of the most popular procedures for women for ... I will not even specify how much. Deep lifting - for…

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How to care for dry skin?

Dry skin causes its owner no less inconvenience than oily and combination, and a big mistake to assume that it needs less thorough care. Owners of fine dry skin age much earlier than anyone else, if they do not take care of themselves properly.
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What is new – micellar water?

Many people know about the charms and benefits of thermal water for our skin, but does any of you know about such an innovation as micellar water? I think that you yourself have already guessed that this term is directly related to cosmetology and, accordingly, is an assistant for maintaining our natural beauty. Continue reading

Gray hair and makeup. How to create an elegant look?

Elegant, fashionable, well-groomed, and … absolutely gray-haired … Actresses, women politicians, show business stars haven’t hidden their natural gray hair for a long time, because the “right” gray hair is very beautiful and stylish. Naturalness reigns in fashion, so professional stylists say that gray hair will never go out of fashion. Thanks to special coloring agents, gray hair acquires noble shades and looks very beautiful. Continue reading

How to rejuvenate your face in a natural way? 10 facts
Most women, starting at a certain age, think about going to a cosmetologist or even a plastic surgeon. At the same time, the contingent of visitors to beauty salons is…


What is the secret of the success of cosmetics DeSheli?
More recently, a new brand of DeSheli has appeared on the Russian cosmetic market. In the three years of its existence, Desheli cosmetics has become incredibly popular. Cosmetics are manufactured…