What is new - micellar water?
Many people know about the charms and benefits of thermal water for our skin, but does any of you know about such an innovation as micellar water? I think that…

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How to rejuvenate your face in a natural way? 10 facts
Most women, starting at a certain age, think about going to a cosmetologist or even a plastic surgeon. At the same time, the contingent of visitors to beauty salons is…

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What kind of makeup is better to use in the winter?
In winter, our skin is especially sensitive and requires careful care. Therefore, you should learn a set of skin care measures, so that you do not have to take drastic…

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What makes tasty and nutritious face masks? Chocolate!

Chocolate is one of the most favorite delicacies, not only for children, but also for women all over the world. Despite the high calorie content, at all times this particular sweetness was very popular among lovers of delicacies.
In addition to the wonderful taste, chocolate includes in its composition vitamin D, the so-called “hormone of joy and happiness.” Continue reading

What is chemical peeling? Stages of the procedure

Peeling procedure .For carrying out chemical peels, several techniques have been developed that have their own characteristics. Peeling composition can be applied to the skin with a brush, gauze wipes, cotton pads and sticks. The duration of the peeling exposure is determined by several factors: frost effect, erythema, swelling, soreness, burning sensation. Continue reading

How is peach oil used in cosmetology?

Cosmetology without the use of essential oils is unthinkable, because the useful natural substances that are contained in them have always been and are the main assistants of beauty and health. Peach oil is widely used in cosmetology, and I suggest to get acquainted with it in more detail. Continue reading

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What is the secret of the success of cosmetics DeSheli?
More recently, a new brand of DeSheli has appeared on the Russian cosmetic market. In the three years of its existence, Desheli cosmetics has become incredibly popular. Cosmetics are manufactured…


What is peeling?
Skin aging is a must. It is impossible to avoid this, but you can try to slow down, since in the 21st century there are a great many ways to…