Pink water. How is it used?
Surely every girl has heard of rose water, but what is this substance, unequivocally declaring its affiliation to the queen of flowers - the rose? How can it be used…

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Face mask: what clay to choose?
I think many women who decide to use clay as a face mask, the question arises, what clay to choose for this purpose. In stores, eyes run away from offers…

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What is chemical peeling? Stages of the procedure
Peeling procedure .For carrying out chemical peels, several techniques have been developed that have their own characteristics. Peeling composition can be applied to the skin with a brush, gauze wipes,…

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ice for a long time

How to keep the beauty and youthful face for many years?

Dear women! Do you want to be always in shape and look younger than your age? Then this article is for you! I offer you a set of exercises and massage to prevent wrinkles on the face and neck, which I myself have been using for several years.
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How to properly care for normal skin?

There are people who are lucky, nature has awarded them normal skin. It is very surprising that many of them believe that care for such skin is not required. But they also need to know how to keep their skin in the state that nature has provided them, and how to properly care for their skin. Just for different skin types require different care.
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How to make cosmetic ice?

The use of ice for cosmetic purposes is undoubtedly beneficial. Firstly, the ice will help you to cheer up and get rid of your morning sleep, secondly, it is an excellent means for rejuvenating your skin, and thirdly, you can choose ice that is appropriate for your skin type.
The ice is easy to prepare, and the washing procedure takes only a few seconds. Short-term cooling of the skin promotes blood flow and improves metabolism, the pores narrow, the skin becomes more elastic, a natural glow appears. Continue reading

How to choose a cream?
All face and body creams are indispensable for every woman. Creams are necessary to protect the skin from the negative effects of external factors and to maintain normal moisture. They…


How to make makeup fast?
If you think that makeup takes too much time, but you don’t want to give it up, you can optimize this process. There are situations where time is limited and…