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Natural, healthy skin, hair and nails are the focus at Image by Design Holistic Wellness Spa. As a finishing touch to our treatments, we provide make-up services to accent your natural glamour and beauty. Our highly trained make-up artists will enhance and compliment the true radiance of your skin in creating personalized looks for you; whether for daily wear, or for a special occasion.

Make-up Application

Full make-up application for day or evening glamour. Whether you need a professional application to look your best for a special event or simply want to complete a new look; our make-up artists are able to create a flattering application for you. This service is a perfect conclusion to any one of our treatments offered. (30 min.) $35.

Bridal or Special Occasion Make-up  

Detailed, photography-ready make-up for that special occasion.  Our professional make-up artists will create a beautiful, enhancing look for you. For bridal needs, a make-up consultation is suggested prior to the wedding day. (50 min.) $80

Make-up Lesson  

An in-depth lesson, one-on-one with a make-up artist, including application, technique, proper colors and tools for your particular needs. An excellent education for a new look or to update your current make-up regimen. (50 min.) $75

Make-up Touch-up  

A quick make-up touch-up over existing make-up which complements your appearance. (20 min.) $30.

Camouflage or Post Surgical Make-up  

This service is designed for those with special needs and concerns about their appearance. This special application will cover and complement naturally. (50 min.) $80.

Color and Silhouette Analysis $150.

Have you been passed up for that promotion at work in favor of someone who was always together? Can you never seem to find an outfit to wear in a closet full of clothes? If you've been frustrated trying to put your business or casual wardrobe together then a color and silhouette analysis session will be just the needed solution to your wardrobe problems. Our Color/ Silhouette analyst will advise you on which colors will look best on you based on your hair, eyes, skin tone, and body build. Determine your color season and Silhouette type and identify common clothing problems then you can be the one who is always together..(1.5- 2 hours)