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Perhaps the star of Image by Design Holistic Wellness Spa offerings, our hydrotherapy treatments are unparalleled in body revitalization and relaxation. Combining the effects of Seaweed and water with special showers and aromatherapy, our varied treatments will relax you like never before while energizing and soothing tired muscles. For those of you new to hydrotherapy feel free to wear your bathing suit for additional comfort. In addition our professionals are able to create a treatment absolutely suited to your current needs.

Hydrotherapy body work is a concentrated treatment of muscle exercise, aeration of water to increase body energy, and relaxation due to the multiple targeted streams of water combined with massage. An ideal treatment for those suffering from pain in the joints or simply needing to soothe sore muscles. We encourage you to take advantage of the hydrotherapy treatments in conjunction with other services to heighten the effects and increase relaxation.


Indulge your mind and body while wrapped in the warmth of the hydrotherapy bed. The added essence of essential oils increases your relaxation while activating your senses. (20 min.)



A line of genuine, therapeutic spa products, that include ingredients that are 20 to 30 thousand years old, for natural health and beauty. These products include herbal compounds, trace elements, vitamins and essential oils for unsurpassed body revitalizing, detoxifying and beautifying effects. The range of spa products enables the wonderful therapeutic properties of the Austrian Moor to be enjoyed by men and women alike.


Austrian MOOR MUD Treatment $85.00 & up

This body wrap includes over I 000 minerals and nutrients, herbs and enzymes that help balance the body's pH. The process starts with an application of essential oil followed by the moor mud with a full body protective wrap.Scalp and neck massage are included. This treatment helps to detoxify, revitalize and refresh the whole body. It also helps to regain suppleness and elasticity, increases circulation, eliminates excess fluids in the body and can be used as a part of an anti-cellulite and weight loss program. Our Vichy Shower is used with this ireatment(50 min.)




Complimentary Hydrotherapy Bed with spa package treatments!

For a list of services offered see Body Treatments.



  A relaxing rain shower on a specially designed treatment table used in conjunction with body treatments, mud and seaweed wraps and massage. The shower energizes, invigorates and enhances the absorption of nutrients for the body.

Vichy Rain Shower Rinse with Half Hour Massage

The acclaimed Vichy rain shower rinse including a relaxing massage. $70.00 & up