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The most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin.

At Image by Design Holistic Wellness Spa we endorse the natural approach to beauty and health, taking into account all the many factors that affect your hair and skin. We rely upon organic ingredients of plant therapy: Essential Oils, Herbal Extracts, Plant & Flower Essences, Sea Extracts, and Natural Mineral Clays. Extensive research has proven that these elements have a natural affinity to the skin; an affinity that no man-made ingredient can duplicate.

As a select part of Image by Design Holistic Wellness Spa offerings, all of our facial treatments compliment other services for important, gratifying, anti-aging and wellness of the skin. Long gone are the days when facials were a luxury. We consider them a necessity to maintaining vitality and youthfulness. All of our facial treatments are highly advanced and customized to each individual skin type for superior results.

As one of the most prestigious skin care spas, IBD H.W, Spa has specialized in extraordinary treatments and concepts featuring natural, biological and concentrated ingredients with trace minerals to balance and stabilize the skin. We use our very own skin care line of products from OLD SCHOOL SPA.

Cutting Edge Technology Skincare Treatments ( scroll down toward bottom of page)

European Facial Treatment  $70.00 - $85.00 &up

An excellent relaxing, cleansing facial to attend to the needs of all skin types. Includes skin cleansing, exfoliation, a special beauty ampoule best suited for your skin type, calming mask, conditioning hand treatment and a relaxing facial massage. A good basic facial for healthy, rejuvenated skin. (50 min.)


Acne Facial Treatment  $85.00 up..


Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment $70.00 - $85.00 & up 

A must for unsurpassed cleansing of your skin and pores with a two step cleansing system chosen for your skin type. The in-depth cleanser is used along with vacuum, warm pressure mask (cold or warm) for obvious results. Also includes a special beauty ampoule or serum with your facial massage. Other treatments are available with this service.(50 min.)


Aromatherapy Facial Treatment $100.00

Our very own relaxing facial treatment with the added sensory benefits of specially blended essential oils, vitamins and minerals. (50 min.)


Teen Facial Treatment $85.00 up.

Specifically for the needs of adolescent skin, this customized facial will not only purify, but also focus on cleansing and treatment of problem skin. A good education for proper skin care. For years 1 3 to 1 8. (50 min.)


Anti Wrinkle Serum Treatment $75.

This vitamin, mineral, amino acid (created by our very own compounder) treatment brings softness, radiance and relaxation to any complexion, thanks to the unique blend of essential oils vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. (25 min.)


Deep Pore Cleansing Back Treatment  $85.

An in-depth cleansing for the back specifically geared towards problem skin. (50 Min.)


Signature Personalized Facial Treatment $100.

A luxurious, cleansing facial that allows time to concentrate on your specific skin care needs. Including all the special touches for extra pampering and relaxation, custom made for you. A complete facial to help maintain a healthy complexion and increase your sense of well being. (80 min.)


IBD Spa Treatments $100.

These spa treatments can offer unsurpassed benefits with their deluxe in-depth care, and latest hi-tech skin improvement ingredients and treatment systems. A mini eye contour treatment is included along with conditioning hand and foot massage in all treatments. (50 min. each)

Extraordinary skin concepts for specific skin needs, such as:

Anti-Aging for age defying and toning of the skin.

Oxygenation for revitalizing and neutralizing free-radicals

Hydroptiderm for intense hydration

Sebum Balancing for fighting oil and problem skin

Vitamin k or Chamomile Treatment

This treatment brings an innovative answer to treating sensitive and ultra-sensitive skin. The immuniscience treatment soothes and calms redness(due to Rosacea, broken capillaries, and bruising)hydrates and protects reactive skin through specifically formulated biotechnological ingredients that enable the skin to better protect itself. (50 min.)


Eye Contour Treatment (Additional $25.)

Fights dark circles and fine lines around the eye area, leaving the area toned and relaxed with immediate visible results. Recommended as an added treatment to any one of our facial treatments.


Eye Contour Treatment with Lymph Massage $60

A professional answer to successful eye care, this intense treatment fights puffiness, dark circles and fine lines around the eye area, leaving the area toned and relaxed with immediate visible results. Recommended as an added treatment to any one of our facial treatments.


Lipoic Exfoliation Treatment $60.

(When purchased with other treatments it is an additional $30.00)

A new science using a powerful, yet gentle exfoliating procedure that provides a new level of skin renewal that smoothes skin, unclogs pores and revitalizes the texture of the skin. This treatment can benefit skin conditions such as fine lines, blemish scars, large pores, texture and pigmentation concerns. Particularly recommended in a series, as well as with home care products for extended results. (50 min.)


Lipoic Treatment Series

Series of 6 to be purchased in full for a regimen of Lipoic treatments to receive the desired results.



A state-of-the-art skin care system that promotes a healthy, youthful glow by minimizing the visible signs of aging, smoothing complexion, assisting in the relief of acne or oily prone skin, balancing irregular skin tones and softening dry skin. Particularly recommended in a series for extended results.


Glycolic Treatment

This anti- aging treatment accelerates the removal of surface skin cells to reveal softer, smoother, healthier looking skin. The glycolic treatment minimizes fine lines, pores and age spots, restoring your skin to its ideal texture for a more youthful appearance.Series of six recommended to begin your transformation....$300.00 (45 min.) Single treatment $60.00 & up


Glycolic Treatment Series

Series of 6 applications to be purchased in full for a regimen of 45 minute glycolic application treatments.

Glycolic Exfoliating Application 

Used as an application treatment only after completing series; especially to achieve the desired long-term results. (25 min.)


Glycolic/Lactic Acid/Lipoic Acid/Peels available in series or combined with other skincare treatments.


Photo Facial

This truly remarkable, anti- aging treatment utilizes our exclusive cold light therapy to reduce fine lines and wrinkles without the pain, tissue damage, and downtime associated with medical laser treatments. Safe and effective for all skin types. A series of six anti- aging treatments is recommended to maintain lasting results.Approx. 30 minutes.

(Advanced light technology designed to help diminish the visible appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots on the face, neck, and hands by promoting collagen firmness.

the Photo Facial allows for safe and effective, non- invasive treatments in the comfort and convenience of our Spa.)

One Treatment ...$150.00 ----------Series of six anti- aging treatments.......$603.00


Cold Light Therapy Treatments for Rosacea, broken Capillaries, Acne (Approx. 30 minutes...Price varies according to treatment required. See above


Ultrasound Facial Treatment

This treatment cleanses the pores without painful extractions. Ultrasound is used to cleanse the debris from the pores. Also Ultrasound is used to incorporate healing and anti- aging treatments into the skin. $85.00


Diamond Peel (a little more in depth than Microdermabrasion. See below)


Microdermabrasion Skin Enhancer Call 217/787-7700 for Pricing!

Recapture the skin you were born with! As you age, your skin, a very visible part of your body, undergoes a transformation. Whether you are concerned with the signs of aging, acne, fines lines and wrinkles or scarring, there is now an easy, effective way to minimize and repair the damage done to your skin.

Microdermabrasion Treatments remove dead, flaky skin cells and stimulate the production of fresh, young skin cells and collagen. It is the ultimate advancement in non-invasive, non-surgical treatments to reduce the visible signs of aging skin.

Softer, smoother and Younger looking skin for the entire family

  • Lunch Time Peel- go back to work immediately
  • Reduce fine lines and Wrinkles
  • Improves appearance of superficial skin damage from sun exposure
  • Treats pigmentation-age spots, freckles, etc.-on all skin colors
  • Reduces scars from dormant acne and helps heal traumatic scars

Our Aestheticians are certified with medical Grade Training from Aesthetics medical and are highly qualified to safely perform these services.

Botox Alternative
Try the revolutionary three-step program that reduces wrinkle depth up to 60% in just 30 days! Experience a visible difference on the first treatment.

Helps remove spider veins - skintags