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The scientific development and acknowledgement of the beneficial effects of minerals and vitamins from the sea, along with nutrients from botanicals and aromatherapy are combined in our spa for the ultimate in wellness oriented concepts. Our body treatments are designed to relax and revitalize you, thereby allowing your body to improve itself and increase the metabolic process whereby toxins and fatigue may be greatly diminished. While comfortable and restful, body treatments also increase vital energy and enhance muscle composition and skin softness. We offer the most extensive array of Professional body treatments available today.

We encourage you to combine one of our revitalizing hydrotherapy treatments with any of our body treatments or massages for heightened effects. A complementary Hydrotherapy bed session is available in advance of all spa package body treatments. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to appointment time.

Hydrotherapy Bed

Hydrotherapy is a concentrated treatment of muscle work with water to increase energy and relaxation due to streams of water combined with massage. An ideal treatment for those suffering from high blood pressure and pain in the joints or simply needing to sooth sore muscles. We strongly encourage you to take advantage pf the hydrotherapy treatments in conjunction with other treatments to heighten the effects and increase relaxation.

Included in our water therapies are the Hydrotherapy bed and the acclaimed Vichy Shower.


An innovative body product line based on active principles derived from whole plant extracts, essential oils and marine elements. Provides a sense of true relaxation and well being, while moisturizing and softening the skin.

Salt Glow Exfoliation with Vichy Rain Shower Rinse $60.00 & up

Full body, invigorating exfoliation scrub using natural sea salts for rough, dry and damaged skin to remineralize skin and increase circulation with Vichy rain shower rinse. Followed by special body creme application. (It is suggested not to shave the day you are to receive this treatment.) (30 min.)


Tropical Body Buff with Vichy Rain Shower Rinse $60.00 & up

Full body gentle exfoliating fruits and essential oils with Vichy rain shower rinse to remineralize skin and increase circulation followed by a special body creme application. (30 min.)



This treatment leaves your skin feeling like luscious silk.  If you've received Roses from a special friend and you'd like to have them used in your treatment for yourself and a friend (or just yourself) bring them in ahead of time so they can be processed and made ready for the treatment. Roses need time to release their natural oils with a little help from our custom formulator.  The finish on this treatment is our famed Vichy Rain Shower Rinse.  Your body and your senses will love this ancient treatment! If your significate other gives you roses bring them in and we will give you a rose petal polish with your own roses.



Natural seaweed and seawater based products, these marine based treatments have extensive benefits to offer for individual skin needs. These treatments will detoxify, contour, remineralize and revitalize the skin in various methods.


PARAFANGO WRAP $105.00 & up

Cellulite is a common problem affecting women. The "toxified fatty deposits" or cellulite, are stored within the skin tissue trapping water and inhibiting flow to the lymphatic system which is the body's natural waste disposal system. The Remineralization properties of the warm mud stimulate the Lymphatic flow on our body to draw out toxins from around fat cells.The active ingredients combined with the warmth of the parafango work in synergy to degrade fat and stimulate the elimination of fluids. Perfect for the person wishing to slim down and firm up!(60 min.)


Parafango Tummy and Thighs $85.00 & up

See benefits above


Smoothing Thigh Gel Cellulite Treatment $105.

This new treatment allows you to take inches off only where needed. The process lifts flabby buttocks, breasts, flattens the abdomen and generally contours the figure. Designed to take inches off rather than pounds but most will feel firmer and slimmer.(60 min.)


Seaweed Mud Treatment $120 & up

Highly remineralizing, mud treatment for the entire body. A rare oxygenating seaweed mud that provides a complete exchange between mud and the skin, exchanging toxins and waste for needed vitamins and minerals.An excellent treatment for sore muscles and cellulite concerns.(50 min.)


Mud Spot Treatment $85.00 & up

This beneficial seaweed mud treatment is offered to target needed areas. An excellent addition to many of our body treatments, and especially massages. (25 min.)


Body Glow Treatment $150.

The ultimate in a relaxing body wrap, the body glow consists of a gentle exfoliation followed by a warm remineralizing body gel wrap, ending with a luxurious application of satiny spray and moisturizing body creme to leave the skin with a radiant glow. (1 hour)


Parafango/ Cellulite Treatment Series

Series of 6 to be purchased in full for a regimen of cellulite treatments.


Spa Ultraslimming Mud and Cellulite Treatment $120.00 & up

This treatment helps to stimulate the process of fat elimination, cellulite reduction, lymph drainage and blood circulation. A slimming gel is applied to target areas with an aggressive massage. An aromatic body massage creme is then applied and completed with a mud wrap. Recommended in a series of 10 for long term results. (1 hour 15 min.)


Spa Ultraslimming Cellulite Treatment Series

Series of 10 to be purchased in full for a regimen of cellulite treatments.


Spa Ultrasoftness Treatment $85.00 & up

This is an excellent "super hydrator" for the body. A light exfoliation and an application of hydrating gel, finishing with a luxurious almond butter and Gel massage leaving the skin ultra soft and radiant. Ideal for dry and seasonally dehydrated skin that also helps to prevent and treat stretch marks. (50 min.)



A line of genuine, therapeutic spa products, that include ingredients that are 20 to 30 thousand years old, for natural health and beauty. These products include herbal compounds, trace elements, vitamins and essential oils for unsurpassed body revitalizing, detoxifying and beautifying effects. The range of spa products enables the wonderful therapeutic properties of the Austrian Moor to be enjoyed by men and women alike.


Austrian MOOR MUD Treatment $85.00 & up

This body wrap includes over I 000 minerals and nutrients, herbs and enzymes that help balance the body's pH. The process starts with an application of essential oil followed by the moor mud with a full body protective wrap.Scalp and neck massage are included. This treatment helps to detoxify, revitalize and refresh the whole body. It also helps to regain suppleness and elasticity, increases circulation, eliminates excess fluids in the body and can be used as a part of an anti-cellulite and weight loss program. (50 min.)